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Dear Friend and Colleague,

It’s a great pleasure to invite you to the “II Cadmium Symposium 2015”, that will take place in Sassari (Sardinia) Italy, from 25 to 27 June 2015. Cadmium is a heavy metal with a high toxicity. It is toxic at very low dose and it has acute and chronic effects on human health and a high impact on environment. The meeting, that will include a wide spectrum of presentation covering the main aspects of cadmium biology as well as its clinical implications, is divided into four main sessions:
Cadmium and Environment (Subtopics: Epidemiology; Food Chain)
Cadmium and Cell Biology
Cadmium, Cancer and other Diseases
Cadmium, Soil, Plant Biology, Agronomics and Veterinary
Participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with worldwide experts in the field and highly distinguished international speakers from different scientific areas related to biological and medical aspects.


The University of Sassari is a small but prestigious University which in 2012 celebrated 450 years since its foundation. The University was founded by Alessio Fontana, member of Imperial Chancellery of Emperor Charles V and a distinguished gentleman of the town of Sassari in 1558. The official opening dates back to month of May 1562.
Sassari is located in the northwest of Sardinia, a region rich in natural and cultural attractions, with old traditions, beautiful sceneries and excellent cuisine.
The area offers many itineraries to people interested in archeology, art, history, wine and food. The weather in late Spring is usually very pleasant climate, an ideal time to visit one of the most beautiful location in the Mediterranean.


We hope that you will attend the Symposium and submit for presentation your recent scientific work, in the rapidly evolving field of cadmium toxicity.We look forward to welcoming you in Sassari.


Yours sincerely,
Roberto Madeddu






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